Chinese Mother Redux

13 Jan

It’s Day Five of the publication of Amy Chua’s essay “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” on Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and it’s still the number 1 read, emailed, and commented article on the WSJ website.

Her article continues to roil passions on all sides and now with the release of her new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, reviewers have had a chance to read the book and give their opinions.  I’m a notoriously slow reader and thanks to the power of social media, I’ll just provide this link to a review written by Jeff Yang, (he’s a friend of a friend).  It’s well written and hope you enjoy his insights.   

I promise this is the last time I’ll blog about her. 

On a related topic, I had mentioned the documentary “Race to Nowhere” by mother-turned-filmmaker Vicki Abeles in a previous post.  I found out that my local public high school will be screening this documentary on March 1, 2011.  It’s about the pressures that high school kids face today in America.  I’m excited to see it and will give a “review” on this blog afterwards.  So stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Chinese Mother Redux”

  1. Sarah Doran January 13, 2011 at 8:14 PM #

    Wow! Really enjoyed Jeff Yang’s review. Really makes you think about judging someone/thing by one person’s opinion.

  2. Susannah January 14, 2011 at 10:03 AM #

    I read Jeff Yang’s review and I couldn’t agree more. But I think its a little soft on Chua, I still think she should have been smart enough to understand the potential for exploitation by the media and should have been more responsible with the “excerpt”. Tiger mom with your kids but not your book? I’m not buying it . The humor is somewhat sadistic and causes people to relive painful experiences… that alone is a reason to be more responsible. Aren’t we all a little tired of the shock jock mentality?

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