Watching Basketball Together

21 Feb

“Hey it’s the Knicks game!” I yelled out in surprise as I peered at the men on-screen darting around the court. Not being a regular basketball fan, I didn’t know we could get broadcasts of Knicks games on FIOS.

There was an excitement in the air as my husband and daughter converged in the family room to stare at the screen. Sure enough, in crisp high definition clarity, we could see the lanky figure of Number 17 sprinting up and down, dribbling the ball from one hand to the other as if it were a mere extension of his body. Without taking our eyes off the fast-moving game, we backed up around the coffee table to plant ourselves on the sofa.

It was Friday night and the start of the weeklong February winter school break. For a change, my daughter did not need to go do her homework right away. So this was one of the few occasions when we could gather as a family after dinner to watch TV. We don’t usually watch sports except for the major tennis tournaments. But since the Jeremy Lin story exploded in the media, the Linsanity tsunami has swept us up along. There are so many compelling elements to this story: of struggle and perseverance, of luck or as we Christians believe – providence, of a young man’s growing faith in God, of ethnic and spiritual pride. In Jeremy Lin’s example, I have found many opportunities to talk to my daughter about life lessons.

I feel an urgency to talk to her about life lessons because I’ve become aware that times like these, watching TV or eating dinner as a family, will become scarcer in six months. In six months, she will be entering college and taking her first steps towards independent living; she will face a panoply of choices that the college experience promises to offer. As a parent my hope and fervent prayer is that we will have equipped her well to make wise decisions.

And judging from the continuing media spotlight on Lin and the Knicks’ up-and-down roller coaster performance, I won’t soon run out of life lessons to discuss.


One Response to “Watching Basketball Together”

  1. rufus jones February 22, 2012 at 8:07 PM #

    This is a wonderfully well-written and timely piece. You should really consider submitting this as either a full fledged article or as a Letter To the Editor. And time is of the essence. Some day the incredible Mr. Lin might miss a toss!

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